5 Major Benefits of Signing up to One of Our  Wedding Band Showcases

  1. You get to see us perform as you would on your wedding day
  2. You get to ask as many questions as you like, it's important to get informed before you book.
  3. Our wedding band Showcase is an open event, you can bring as many people as you like to get their opinion
  4. See the bands chemistry- very important if you want to establish a party atmosphere
  5. Wedding band showcases are great fun to attend, informative and won’t cost you anything but your time.

Sunday 10th of  March.

Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge @ 6pm


A Wedding Band Showcase Helps You!

We’d highly recommend that you come to our wedding band showcase, in fact, you should view any wedding band that you’re considering booking at one of the many wedding band showcases that take place in Ireland on a weekly basis.

Our  showcases provide an honest and truthful representation of what we can offer you for your wedding. Our objective is to show you what we're all about, to ultimately help you make an informed decision about booking your wedding band. It's grown to become common knowledge in the wedding industry  that a live a performance  and a one to one meeting with your prospective wedding band is an excellent way of helping you form that all important decision.

wedding band showcase dublin

A SATC wedding band showcase gives you the chance to meet the people behind the website, to talk with us. To ask us important questions, share your ideas and aspirations for your wedding. Get to know us and see if we’re the right fit for you and your wedding. If you do decide to book, you'll be confident you've made the right choice and if you don't, the likelihood is you'll have added valuable knowledge on your journey to finding your wedding band, bringing you one step closer to achieving one of your most important goals for your wedding.

Wedding band showcases Ireland

What can you expect at one of our upcoming showcase events?

We'll perform completely live for about 45 mins, in that time we'll play a broad range of music from jives to country, swing & modern, rock and roll, rock and funk! It's all about giving you an insight into exactly what we can offer you, all in a fun, friendly party environment, that everyone who attends seem to really enjoy!

After that there's an opportunity for you to meet with us and have an informal chat about your wedding and answer all of your questions, we know you have lots of questions, we'll take the time to answer all of them, so bring a list if you need to.

wedding band showcases

Remember, this is just a chat and there's never any pressure or obligation to book Sax and the City at one of our wedding band showcases, especially if you'd like to view more bands in the process, this is something we would always recommend anyways, we want you to make the right choice, the one that suits YOUR needs and  serves you best for your wedding.

As policy we don't invite potential customers to weddings of existing/current customers,on the day of a customer's wedding we are committed to providing them with our full attention. If you were to book Sax and the City, we would extend the same professional courtesy to you and not invite anyone to your wedding. This is why we hold wedding band showcases.

  Next  Showcase Date

Sunday the 10th of  March.

Keadeen Hotel, Newbridge @ 6pm

Wedding band showcase
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  • For up to 3 hours of action packed live music
  •  1-on-1 consultation prior to booking
wedding band showcases


  • Keep the party going as soon as the band stops playing.
  • Band 1,990
  • DJ 300
wedding band showcase dublin


  • Add some more sophistication to your wedding with jazz drinks reception music featuring Sax or trumpet and piano.
  • Band 1,990
  • DJ 300
  • Drinks Reception from 250
Wedding band showcase ireland



  • The complete wedding entertainment and party package.
  • Band 1,990
  • Drinks Reception 250
  • DJ & Sax 650